NAEYC Accredited
Sunny Day Preschool
Arrival time: Help your child hang up his or her coat and backpack and then you can help your child answer the “Question of the Day.”

Free play: During this time, the children are free to choose activities that interest them. Each day we hide a letter and number of the day for the children to find as they are playing. They can choose to paint at the easel, play with blocks, sand, playdoh, dramatic play, climber and work at the literacy center or math & science tables. Each day a different art activity is out on the table. Free play is a time for the children to work on developing their social skills. The teachers use this time to connect personally with each child.

Clean up time: The child that brings snack gets to play the bongo drums and let everyone know there are five minutes left to play. We sing a song as we straighten up our room.

Second Step Mini Circle Time: We use the Second Step program to help the children learn to recognize different feelings as well as give them concrete ways to deal with those feelings.

Snack Time: Before snack we wash our hands. We gather at two tables and eat a nutritious snack, family style. Families are asked to provide a snack approximately every 7-8 weeks. The child who brings snack helps pass it out. Snack is a wonderful time for great conversations.

Circle Time: We gather on our alphabet rug and the teacher reads a story. We sing songs, including sign language and Spanish songs. We also learn concepts, play learning games such as musical shapes, dance, or we may listen to a flannel story. Every few weeks, the “Great Wizdini” makes science come alive by doing experiments with the children.

Outdoor Play: Each day we go outside on our beautiful playground, weather permitting.

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At Sunny Day Preschool we believe children blossom and grow in a warm, loving, stimulating environment.

Sunny Day Preschool earned NAEYC Accreditation in 2006.

Sunny Day Preschool
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